Your beach in Chioggia for a family holiday: recreation activities and facilities for children and parents

At our private beach resort in Isolaverde-Chioggia we combine wellness and fun, which makes it the perfect place both for children and their parents.

The therapeutic properties of marine iodine and dolomitic sand make our beach a healthy and safe place for you and your children.

Our professional "entertainment crew" will look after your children while you enjoy your relaxing time. Dancing parties, competitions, special events and educational activities will turn your holiday into a unique experience.

Our beach resort features: playground area, Baby Club and recreation activities, a special changing room with changing top for babies, baby-sitting service available upon request, special menus for children...and sweets, ice-cream and Italian "granita" (slush puppies).

Our professional lifeguard team will look after your children while they are bathing, which makes our beach a very safe place.
Spend your holiday in Isolaverde-Chioggia and join us at the Sabbia e Sale beach, a safe yet lively resort for the whole family.