Your private beach resort in the surroundings of Venice. past and future of "Sabbia e Sale" beach

"Sabbia e Sale" beach resort: relaxing and pampering guaranteed.under the Chioggia sun. We are the Tiozzo family and we have been managing tourist resorts for over 30 years. We know how to offer the best solutions for your holiday experience along the Venetian coast.
Choose our crew, we'll organize an "all inclusive" holiday solution for you!

"Sabbia e Sale feeling beach", aka Bagni Delfino Verde or just "at Gianni's" for friends, offers you a totally new holiday experience. Spend your holiday in an exclusive resort, and enjoy the sunny weather, while pampered by our crew. Through the cooperation with one of the major Italian garden planning companies (Novello Giardini italiani), we created a finely furnished beach resort. Our suites furniture design and production is an exclusive feature of our resort.

Every piece has been hand-made using the best materials. The soft colours of the furnishing, Isolaverde fine sand, marine iodine and natural dunes will turn your holiday into a pure wellness experience.

Our private beach has been awarded the Legambiente certification. As an environment-friendly resort we…

  • separate waste
  • use recycled paper
  • use special devices to reduce water consumption

The entire resort has been built with natural materials: wood, lessinia stone and river pebbles. We want to offer our guests an exclusive resort that caters for all of their needs. If you try our resort, you will not want to go back home!

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